Primary Science Conference 2024

📣 Calling all teachers! 📣

We’re absolutely buzzing to host the Primary Science Conference for the second year in a row! 🎉 Here’s what you can expect on the 1st July:

Get ready for a fun-filled, half-day adventure packed with inspiring speakers and hands-on workshops! The focus? Climate education, sustainability, and using our local surroundings to teach early years and primary science. 🌱

But that’s not all! You’ll also get a chance to tour all of our galleries and explore a lively marketplace featuring stalls from Wirral Country Park, Eco Schools, PSTT, Cheshire & Wirral Computing Hub, and more!

Meet Our Fabulous Speakers:

  • Lee Jowett from Sheffield Hallam University, our Climate Change and Sustainability Research Fellow
  • Kathryn Horan, aka That Science Lady, a Primary Science Consultant
  • Helen Spring of Spring Learning, an expert in Primary Science and Outdoor Learning
  • The wonderful team from Wirral Eco Schools

Keynote Highlight:
🌟 What does quality climate change and sustainability education look like? 🌟
Education is key to empowering future generations to tackle climate change head-on. We’ll dive into what top-notch climate education looks like in primary schools, backed by cutting-edge research. From weaving sustainability into lessons to nurturing a love for the environment, this session is packed with tips and strategies for raising eco-aware kids.

Exciting Workshops!

Nurturing a Love of Nature in the EYFS – Discover delightful ways to spark children’s curiosity and respect for the nature around them, while hitting various learning goals and reflecting on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Teaching Primary Science Outdoors – Roll up your sleeves for this outdoor, hands-on session! Learn how to plan and teach science concepts and scientific inquiry in the great outdoors 🔬

Using Your School Building and Grounds to Investigate Climate Change and Sustainability – No matter the size of your school, this workshop will show you quick and easy ways to turn your environment into a hub for exploring climate change and sustainability.

Nature Resource Boxes – Presented by Wirral Eco Schools, these boxes are bursting with tools and ideas to bring nature into your classroom.

Join us for a day of learning, exploring, and inspiring the next generation of eco-heroes! 🌿

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