What’s On for May Half Term!

Music Mayhem!

Discover your own rhythm in our guided musical singalong aimed at under 7’s. Discover a range of instruments and listen to the difference each one makes, and what happens when they’re all played together! 


Location: MakeCreate

Dates: 27th May – 4th June

Age: suitable for under 7’s (Some maracas are suitable for babies aged 12 months+, the rest are aimed at 3+)

Times: Every 30 minutes from 10.30am – 3.30pm, no additional charge.


The Acousatron is a fully interactive sound installation; a monstrosity of an electro-acoustic noise machine! Built from upcycled materials, decorated in a steampunk style and facilitated by experienced Noise Technicians.

We welcome visitors to head to the theatre at any point during their visit to interact with the Acousatron and see what noises they can make!


Location: Science Theatre

Dates: Monday 29th May to Sunday 4th June

Age: suitable for 5+

Times: Drop-in, no additional charge.

EUREKA! Moments

Ever wondered how sound travels through different materials? Or why sound is produced when you blow across a bottle top? Or how loud is too loud? Our Enablers will pop up throughout the day to show off some sound-related experiments!



Location: The Galleries

Dates: Saturday 27th May to Sunday 4th June, daily.

Age: suitable for all

Times: Ad-hoc, no additional charge.