Toddler Week! Wednesday 6th – Friday 8th September!

It's been a busy Summer Holidays, so this week is dedicated to our smaller visitors!

Pretend to be doctors and learn more about our bodies, join in with our Enablers in an interactive storytelling session, relax and get creative in our arts space or let loose in the disco room…whatever you do, play your way!

Activities Overview 

Location  Activity  Timings 
Theatre  Toddler Disco 


All day 
MakeCreate  Games and Movement Zone  All day 
Community Space  Arts and Crafts Zone  All day 
The Burrow  Usual sensory play and exploration  All day 

The Sun 

The Nest 


Storytelling Zone 

Glow in the Dark Building 


Timed intervals 

All day 


Living Room 


Musical Instruments 


Timed intervals 


Germ Wall 


Medical Zone 


All day 


Activity Overviews 

Toddler Disco 

Let loose in our disco room! Dance, sing, and play your heart out!

Games and Movement Zone 

Test your skill with our range of games suitable for little ones designed to improve fine and gross motor skills!

Arts and Crafts Zone 

Relax and get creative in our arts space.  

Storytelling Zone 

Join in with our Enablers in this interactive storytelling session. 

Musical Instruments 

Make some noise with our Enablers in this guided session with a range of musical instruments. 

Medical Zone 

Let’s pretend to be doctors and learn more about our bodies!

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