Toddler Day: 5th March 2024

Toddler Day Activities: Tuesday 5th March!

What exactly is Toddler Day? Well, we’ll tell you! It’s a day specially for our younger visitors to come and explore the main attraction without the chaos of bigger kids running ’round!

During Toddler Days, our Enablers will also be running activities specifically aimed at a younger audience.

What’s on?

Toddler Disco

Let loose in our disco room! Dance, sing, and play your heart out to your fave tunes!

Arts and Crafts

Relax and get creative in our arts space.


Join in with our Enablers in our storytelling sessions.

Musical Instruments

Make some noise with our Enablers in this guided session with a range of musical instruments.

Sensory Play

Relax in The Nest with our light up sensory toys.

...but wait! There's more...

    • Activities in…

The Burrow!

In Our Wonderful World, children will be encouraged to think about how special the world is and the animals who share it with us.

It’s more important than ever for us to engage children with sustainability from an early age. Connecting themes through play and enjoyment will enable them to explore and talk about what they think is important and to help develop a deep appreciation for our world and its inhabitants.

Whatever age or stage your early learners are at, there will be lots of engaging activities for them to be curious, to be playful and to have fun!

During these sessions, we can:

🌍 Explore a globe and identify different animals to discover where their natural habitat is!

♻️ Sort through a variety of materials to work out where they should be recycled!

🐝 Discover how bee-rilliant bees are to our world and create a bee hat to transfer pollen to their crafted honeycomb!

❄️ Play with ice during our Polar Playtime and help the animals who lives at the North and South Pole, by removing pieces of plastic!

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