The Burrow is OPEN!🍄

Everything You Need To Know!

The Burrow is a playful and interactive space with objects, activities and play areas themed around local nature and our environment (there’s even an adorable Wood Mouse nest with a slide!). There are lots of surprises to discover and characters to make friends with.

Your Eureka! Science + Discovery entry ticket will cover your entry into The Burrow.

Grown-ups must supervise children at all times, and are actively encouraged to play alongside your little ones! Keep scrolling for our Frequently Asked Questions…

The Burrow FAQ's

– Who can come into The Burrow?

The Burrow is suitable for the under 7s. All children must be accompanied and supervised by a person aged 15 or over.

Children over 7 with special educational needs are also welcome if accompanied by a carer.

– I have more than one child with me – can my older children come into The Burrow?

Yes, if the older child has a sibling that is the right age for The Burrow, they are welcome to come and play with their sibling. Alternatively, they can stay in the main attraction with another adult, or if they are over 12 they can stay in the main attraction unaccompanied as long as an emergency contact number is provided to the Information Desk.

– Do we need to book The Burrow?

Yes, on arrival to Eureka! Science + Discovery you can book a time to go into The Burrow at the Information Desk. You cannot book this in advance of your visit.

– Can we go straight to The Burrow, or do we have to come to main admissions desk?

You can head straight to The Burrow, or you can play in the main attraction first – as long as you have prebooked a Eureka! Science + Discovery admission ticket. We can assign timeslots to The Burrow at either admissions desk. If The Burrow is full at the time you arrive, we will book you in for the next available timeslot.

– Is there a time limit in The Burrow?

Nope, however typical dwell time seems to be between 60 – 90 minutes.

– Is it the same price if I just go into The Burrow?

Yes, a visit to The Burrow is included in your general admission, as long as there is someone in the group that is the right age. It doesn’t cost extra to go to The Burrow, and there’s no reduced entry fee if you choose not to go into The Burrow.

– Can I use my annual pass for The Burrow?

Yes! But you still need to have a general entry visit booked online before you arrive.

– Are there toilets in The Burrow?

Yes, there are toilets in The Burrow along with baby changing facilities.

– Can I take food into The Burrow?

No. It’s a beautiful, brand new space and we want to keep it that way! The Café is right next door. There are indoor picnic spaces available if you would like to bring your own lunch.

We do advise you to take a drink in for your little one as it’s a very active space.

– Do you host Birthday parties in The Burrow?

Not just yet – keep an eye open for updates!

....and finally, thank you!

Thank you so much for your patience whilst we were getting the space ready for your family.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us on 0151 323 0033 or send your enquiry to

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From June 6th, Eureka! Science + Discovery is open 6 days a week!
Opening 6 Days a Week From June 6th! – Eureka! Science + Discovery (