The Acousatron Comes To Eureka!

Make Some Noise Over Eurovision Weekend!

It’s time to make some noise! 📣

Eurovision fever has gripped the region, especially us lot here at Eureka! Science + Discovery!

On May 13th and 14th, the amazing Noisy Toys will be joining us and bringing the eclectic Acousatron!

The Acousatron is an interactive, upcycled sound installation that houses eight specialist controllers, each of which has different ways of controlling sounds!

The heart of a piano, four violins, a rubber band, a door spring, an infrared Theremin, an analogue synth, a Nose Tester, some hacked Bass Drives, and a slinky; played by you with motorised mechanical agitators upcycled from dead computers – all controlled by you

Get hands on and get creative with sound! 🎶

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Eureka! Science + Discovery, Merseyside – Eureka!