Summer Holidays: Circus Skills with Bring the Fire!

Circus skills with Bring the Fire project!

Circus, like science, is all about experimentation! During our workshops our talented instructors will show you how to explore concepts using a variety of different circus props, sparking curiosity and encouraging you to find your own unique way of using them. We encourage adults and children to discover the magic of the circus together, using hoops, levitation sticks, juggling balls, spinning plates, flower sticks and more. Our flexible workshop style means there is something for everyone and we can adjust to the age of the participants. Learning circus skills has been shown to improve mental/physical wellbeing and develop physical literacy – building resilience, balance, coordination, healthy risk-taking and social┬áskills. So roll-up, roll-up and join us this summer!

Important stuff:
30th July, 27th August & 2nd – 3rd September.

Times: 10.30am, 11.30am, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm.

Recommended ages: All ages welcome!

Capacity per session: 20 per session. Please book your session once you arrive at Eureka! Science + Discovery.

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