School Summer Holidays at Eureka! Science + Discovery!

What's on this Summer?

Have you ever wondered how some things move, why things are a certain shape, or why some materials are good for one thing but not another? Have you ever thought about who invents the stuff that we use every day? Have you ever thought about inventing something? This summer, visit Eureka! Science + Discovery for some inspiration as we explore some big questions and the science, technology, engineering and maths behind them all and hopefully inspire the next generation of inventors! 

We have an exciting programme of shows, workshops, and a brand new temporary exhibition during the summer holidays!
From the 22nd July – 3rd September 2023!

Here’s a quick overview of each activity, but if you want to know more – check out our event links for further info!

Flux Dance
22nd – 23rd July, 5th – 6th August & 12th – 13th August.

Find out more here:
Summer Holidays: Flux Dance! – Eureka! Science + Discovery (

Science Made Simple
24th – 25th July – Science of Sport

31st July – 1st August – Izzy’s Incredible Adventure

7th – 8th August – Bubbles and Balloons

14th – 15th August – Science of Sport

21st – 22nd August – Izzy’s Incredible Adventure

28th – 29th August – Bubbles and Balloons

Find out more here:
Summer Holidays: Science Made Simple! – Eureka! Science + Discovery (

Professor Pumpernickel
26th July, 2nd August, 9th August, 16th August, 23rd August & 30th August.

Find out more here:
Summer Holidays: Professor Pumpernickel! – Eureka! Science + Discovery (

AS Creatives
27th – 28th July – Innovation & Beyond!

3rd & 4th August – The Connection

10th & 11th August – What a Wonderful World

17th & 18th August – Innovation & Beyond!

24th & 25th August – The Connection

31st August – 1st September – What a Wonderful World

Find out more here:
Summer Holidays: As Creatives Workshops! – Eureka! Science + Discovery (

Circus Skills with Bring the Fire!
30th July, 27th August & 2nd – 3rd September.

Find out more:
Summer Holidays: Bring the Fire Circus Skills! – Eureka! Science + Discovery (

Magical Story Jars

19th & 20th August – Fairytale theme

Aquaponics with Farm Urban
29th July, 26th August & 9th – 10th September.

As always, this is all covered in your annual pass! Book today and make some Eureka! summer memories!

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