Professor Pumpernickel’s Science Show!

If you like chaos, chemistry and almost losing your eyebrows, you’ll love Pumpernickel!

Join Professor Pumpernickel in our theatre for a 30 minute bonanza of bangs, Bunsen burners and brain-tingling bamboozlement that will leave you with a burning desire to learn more about the staggering world of science!

He’s on a mission to enthuse people of all ages and abilities about science, in the hope of inspiring future inventors, explorers, life savers and superheroes.

November 19th 2023

Times: 4 x 30 minute shows. 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm. Please book your session once you arrive at Eureka! Science + Discovery.

Recommended ages: 5+

Capacity per session: 90.

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Eureka! Science + Discovery, Merseyside – Eureka!