Maddie Moate Science Show + Book Signing!

12th November at Eureka! Science + Discovery!

Snow, Santa’s sleigh, and sprouts – Have you ever wondered, where does snow come from? How does Santa’s sleigh fly? Why sprouts give you really smelly farts? Well, wonder no more!

To celebrate the release of Maddie Moate’s BRAND NEW book ‘A Very Curious Christmas’, Maddie will be joining us at Eureka! Science + Discovery 12th November 2023 to launch a very special science show that explores a few of the festive questions Maddie raises in her book – and we’ll be trying out a few cool experiments along the way!

After the show, get your copy of ‘A Very Curious Christmas’ signed by the author herself, Maddie Moate. Presenter, YouTuber, bee keeper, BAFTA-winning host and an absolutely awesome person. We’re so excited to have Maddie join us, and we can’t wait to see you there!

How to Book:

Step one:

  • To attend one of the two scheduled Maddie Moate Show + Book Signings, please select either the free 11:30am ticket type or the free 1.30pm ticket type

Book your Maddie Show + Book Signing here.

Step 2:

  • Please ensure you have a booking for Eureka! Science + Discovery on the correct date (November 12th 2023) and an entry timeslot at least 30 minutes before the start of your show, just so you’re not late!

Book your timeslot for Eureka! Science + Discovery here.

Step 3:


Additional info:

Please ensure each member of your party has a ticket for the Maddie Moate Show + Book Signing.

The show will be 30 minutes long, along with a 30 minute book signing after in the Theatre.

Maddie Moate’s book, ‘A Very Curious Christmas’, will be available to purchase from the Gift Shop.