KAPLA Imaginative Structural Workshop!

2nd - 7th January 2024

KAPLA is a universal game that brings out the creativity of players young and old!

With its single component — the famous KAPLA plank — and no rules other than gravity, KAPLA is suitable for everyone aged 2+. Building with KAPLA stimulates the imagination and artistic instinct in every one of us: from tentative beginnings to ambitious projects, the possibilities are endless!

Build solo or in groups along with our Enablers to create something amazing!

How does it work?

Simply stack the identical KAPLA planks, without any glue or clips, to build your imagination: a universal concept that adapts to all ages. Players are encouraged to explore and challenge their own limits, while also developing their creativity, ingenuity, logic, and perseverance. From ages 2 and up, solo or with friends, play without rules or limits!

All included in your annual pass!

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