50 Million Tonnes with Noisy Toys!

Celebrating Recycling Week

With 50 millions tonnes of electronic waste produced every year why do we need to buy anything? We just need to know how to hack waste into something fun!

Join us in the theatre where we’ll break open some of those magical consumer electronic treasures and find out what’s going on inside! How can we have power over our technology, instead of being enslaved by it? In this show Steve Summers demonstrates a selection of upcycled Noisy Toys built from e-waste, we learn about what is inside some everyday electronic items, where some of the materials come from and where they go to when the thing breaks!

Some weighty topics around the human and environmental consequences of disposable electronics, as well as a dash of electromagnetism, but the style is fun and entertaining, with a focus on what we can do to help, and how we can learn and gain empowerment. Let’s pop the glowing balloon, de-flash the trainer and organ-harvest the fun bits from a computer for re-animation!

Warning: Live dissection of electronic products without anaesthetic…

When? 14th & 15th October
Where? The theatre – no booking required.
Times? 11am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm. Approximately 30 minute shows with time for Q+A’s afterwards. (times subject to change)